What Your Cat’s Sleeping Positions Mean

What Your Cat’s Sleeping Positions Say About Them

Ever wondered what your cat’s sleeping positions say about them? If you are a cat lover you’ve probably noticed that sometimes their sleeping habits seem a bit odd. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common cat napping positions and what they could mean.

Here are a few common napping positions and what they might tell us about our cats — and ourselves.

Napping style: Incognito

What it means: “Please stop playing with my toes while I’m asleep.”

There are few things more irresistible that a sleeping cat. Not only are they at their warmest and cuddliest, their bellies are also completely vulnerable to impromptu motorboating.

It’s basically prime time for surreptitious snuggles. But just like humans, cats have a breaking point.

When my cats cover their furry faces with their little jellybean toes while they’re asleep, they’re trying to shut out the world — whether it’s the lamplight or my repeated declarations that I’m going to skin them alive and eat them (which actually means I love them, explained in depth here).

It is the equivalent of the way humans feel after a nine-hour day at the corporate cube farm. If kitty could hide under the bedsheets and drink a full bottle of wine, she probably would.

Napping style: Belly up

What it means: “I trust you completely.”

This position is as adorable as it is gratifying. A cat’s belly is one of his most vulnerable spots, one that he instinctually wants to protect.

When he rolls over, he’s telling you that he trusts you — and he’s also testing that trust.

Given the opportunity to rub a cat’s belly, it’s best to proceed with caution. One false move and you’re likely to end up with a bloody puncture wound in your arm.

When my cats fall asleep with their floofy, spotted bellies exposed and their legs awry, I try to leave them alone — for as long as I can stand it, at least.

They trust me, and I don’t want to abuse that trust.
– via Catster

Cat Loafs, Monorail Kitties, And More!

You probably know that cat people seem to have a language of their own. In fact, most pet owners have created their own language to interact with and talk about their fur babies. Here we’ll take a look at a few phrases cat people use to describe their babies’ sleeping positions.

Do a Google image search for Cat Loaf, Monorail Cat, or Contortionist Cat, and you’ll be rewarded with countless funny memes.

Be forewarned, though – this activity is addicting and can easily eat up half your day. (Don’t ask me how I know this!).

Cat Loaf

Picture a big, fluffy loaf of bread, and you’ll have a good idea what this cat position looks like. A Cat Loaf is when a cat sits with all four feet tucked under her body, which forms a rectangular loaf shape. Judging by the number of memes and photos online, the Cat Loaf is one of the most prevalent feline positions.Sometimes it is called Loaf Cat, and there is even an offshoot position called Cat Loaf on a Stick, with one paw sticking out.

A Cat Loaf shape can also be achieved by sleeping in a tight-fitting rectangular container, like a shoebox.

Monorail Cat

This is when a cat lies on the back or arms of a sofa or chair, fence post, staircase banister, beam, top of the door or similar place, typically with all four legs dangling down.The name Monorail Cat was coined for the resemblance to the monorail transit system.

– via Canidae Blog

Does your cat have funny sleeping habits and positions? Which one is your favorite?

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