Vaccinating Your Pets At Home

Worried about the costs involved with bringing a new pet into your family? If you’re concerned about the cost involved with vaccinating your pets at the vet’s office, there might be a better way!

Save Time and Money: Vaccinate Your Pets at Home

Last month when I shared our puppy adoption news with friends, I heard some interesting comments.

Of course, many of our friends were thrilled we’d allow our kids to experience bonding and caring for a young puppy, but many others had concerns!

“Pets are a lot of work! Puppies are expensive! The veterinarian bills will be astronomical!” were just a few of the concerned comments we heard, and I must admit, the cost of adding to the family did cross my mind!

We all know that having four-legged family members does add costs to your monthly expenses, but the love and joy they give your family makes up for it! 

Taking your pets to the vet for regular checkups can be costly, stressful to your pet, and take a significant amount of time.

And most of the time, these trips are unnecessary if your pet is healthy.

If you’re worried your pet might be ill, or something might be wrong with her, make sure to take her to the vet — no matter what! It’s much better to spend a little money to make sure she’s safe than to risk it. 

The truth is, if you are smart about it, pets can be such a benefit to your home and cost very little to care for, feed and love.

Many people are unaware you can vaccinate your healthy dogs and cats at home. I grew up helping my dad vaccinate his dogs, and I fully intend to vaccinate mine for their entire lives! It’s not only easy, it saves me time and a lot of money in the long run.

Pet vaccinations are easy to purchase online and in pet supply stores.

Cats on Samos

Cats can be given oral vaccines, sometimes placed in the nose or eyes, as well as the injected variety.

In most cases, the subcutaneous injection (under the skin, not in the muscle) is the form used for dogs. Either way, you save the $40-to-$50 office visit and your pet gets protection from disease!

Vaccinations in the injection form can also be easily given, even for those without experience.

There are plenty of tutorial videos out there, if you want to see a vaccination in action to make sure you do it the right way. 

In most cases, your pet won’t even feel the shot!

Simply pinch up the skin around the neck and shoulder area and inject the vaccine subcutaneously (under the skin). Since the shot does not go into the muscle, your pet may not notice!

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Would you ever consider giving your pets their vaccines at home? Have you ever tried to vaccinate them yourself? What are some concerns you may have, if you haven’t, and tips you can share if you have? Leave a comment below!

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