Training Your Dog With These Basic Commands!

Training Your Dog To Sit

Want to teach your dog some basic commands without having to take them to an expensive trainer? It’s not as hard as you may think! One of the most basic commands is teaching them how to sit. Here are a few basic steps you can use when you’re training your dog at home to sit.

The sit is one of the easiest skills to teach. A puppy who sits on command is easier to manage until he learns more self-control.

For example, when you teach your dog to sit when the doorbell rings, he is less likely to jump up on visitors when the door opens.

How to Teach Sit

To teach the sit:

  1. Get on your puppy’s level, either on the floor or in a chair next to him.
  2. Hold a treat close to his nose and let his head follow the treat as you move your hand up.
  3. As his head moves up, his butt will lower.
  4. When his butt hits the floor, release the treat to his mouth. Immediately praise him for his brilliance.
  5. Repeat multiple times every day. Pair the behavior with the word “sit.”

Don’t hold the treat so high that your dog tries to jump up for it. Instead, hold it in your closed hand just high enough that he stretches his neck.

Every time his rump hits the floor, tell him “Good sit!” This is a great game for children in the house to play with your dog.

Repetitions are important, but your dog will tire of multiple reps. Rather, play the sit game with your dog in short bursts multiple times every day. Reinforce the sit in other situations, like mealtimes. Have him sit before you put his food bowl on the floor or before you open the door to take him on a walk.

If he breaks the sit, remind him of his job with a quiet “Oops, try again” before you open the door. If this command is reinforced every time you ask your dog to sit away from the door, he will be less likely to bolt and run when the door opens. In this respect, the sit command can be a lifesaver.

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Training Your Dog To Stay

Here we’ll take a look training your dog to stay, with a few basic commands. By following these steps, you’ll be able to teach your dog to stay still, without taking them to a professional trainer.

Teach your dog to “stay.” There are some commands that can literally save your dog’s life and the “stay” command is one of them. Keeping your dog out of dangerous situations, in addition to simply keeping it out of trouble, can be achieved more easily when you can train your dog to stay put.

Start your training with your dog in the “sit” position. When your dog is sitting, stand so that he or she is on your left side facing the same direction. Later this will be referred to as the ‘place’ position.

Hold the dog’s collar and say “[dog’s name], stay!” You should do this while placing your open hand in front of, but not touching, your dog’s face. The tips of your fingers should be pointing up and your palm should be facing your dog. Wait two seconds. If the dog stays in place, say “Yes!” and it a reward.

If she gets up, say “Oops!” and start again. Begin with “sit” and proceed again to “stay”.

Repeat this until your dog stays in place for at least ten seconds and then praise it. This means you may need to repeat this whole sequence several times.

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