Should Your Pets Sleep In The Bed With You?

The Pros and Cons of Pets in the Bed

Wondering if you should let your pets sleep in the bed with you? What are the benefits? What are the disadvantages? Here’s a look at what a veterinarian from Seattle has to say about whether or not you should snuggle down with your furry family members.

Some dog trainers and veterinarians discourage the habit because it shows submission.

“People worry that allowing your dog to sleep in your bed will create dominance issues and will teach your dog that you are not the leader of the pack,” says Cori Gross DVM, a practicing veterinarian near Seattle.

However, Dr. Gross, as well as many other veterinary experts, says that these concerns are often blown out of proportion.

“If your dog already has dominance issues with you as the owner, then having them sleep in bed with you can be a problem,” says Gross. “But if they do not have those issues, then it will not create them.”

Another concern? Hygiene. According to a recent report by the California Department of Public Health’s chief veterinarian, sleeping with your pet could make you sick.

Though rare, a number of infections — from chagas disease to cat-scratch disease — can be spread from pet to person. Other cons include fleas and potential messes if your dog is not yet housetrained.

Still, you can minimize distress over doggy germs with regular and frequent vet visits, which you should be scheduling anyway.

The risk is very small “as long as the pet owner keeps the dog current on flea and worm preventatives,” says Gross.

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When Your Dog Shouldn’t Sleep In The Bed

If you’re like many pet owners you probably like to snuggle with your dog in bed at night. But when should you not share the bed with your dog? Here are a few times your dog should sleep apart from you, from Jolanta Benal, The Dog Trainer.

During Housetraining

Confinement between toilet outings makes housetraining much more efficient.

A big puppy can get off the bed and go pee and poop in a corner overnight; a very tiny puppy may find that the end of the bed is far enough from her sleeping spot to make a nice toilet.

A puppy in an appropriately sized crate will hold it but whine or scratch to let you know she needs a break. Get up and take her out, then put her back to bed. In her crate.

If Your Dog Is Pushy

A common manners problem among dogs is that of demanding attention, demanding a scratch, demanding play – you get the picture.

It’s reasonable for dogs to want our attention and our affection, and dogs certainly do get bored and need to burn off steam.

However, for us to enjoy living together, our dogs need to make their requests politely – for example, by sitting – and to accept no for an answer.

While you’re teaching a rude dog pleasant manners, it may be appropriate to keep him out of bed. Or you may insist that he get your okay to join you, not just jump in as of right.

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Do you let your pets sleep in the bed with you? What’s the best part of snuggling with them? What’s the worst?

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