Preparing Your Cat Before Your Baby Arrives

Why It’s Important To Prepare Your Cat Before Your Baby Arrives

We all love our four-legged babies. We want them to stay happy and healthy, no matter what. Oftentimes, though, it’s easy to get so caught up with a brand new baby that cats can find themselves pushed to the side. Here’s a look at how to prepare your cat before your baby arrives.


If you use your “think like a cat” mentality you realize the confusion that’s caused by this major change in the cat’s normal routine and how much his environment suddenly becomes unfamiliar.

The cat wakes up one day to discover a strange-smelling, strange-sounding creature has just landed in his territory.

And what’s worse is everyone around kitty suddenly starts acting all panicky and persists in shooing him away or yelling at him if he so much as attempts to approach this strange little hairless creature.

Add to that, the fact no one seems to have time for the cat anymore. Much of his normal routine has been shifted.

The earlier you begin to ease your cat through the transition, the better it will be for all concerned.

Maintain Your Cat’s Normal Schedule

A big mistake that many expectant parents make is to shower the cat with an incredible amount of attention BEFORE the baby’s birth because they know they’re not going to have the luxury of that much free time later.

Create a schedule before the baby’s birth that you’ll be able to maintain afterward.

Help Your Cat Get Comfortable With Sounds

Babies cry and sometimes those cries are mighty ear-shattering. Get a CD of a baby crying (record a friend’s baby crying or download a sound-effect online).

Start by playing the sound at a very low volume while your cat engages in something positive such as interactive playtime or receiving yummy food. Gradually, in subsequent training sessions, increase the volume.

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How To Prepare Your Cat For Your New Baby

Need some practical advice to help you prepare your cat for your new baby? Here are three ways you can help your kitty feel more comfortable when your baby arrives.


Slowly introduce new sights, sounds, and smells

Cats, especially skittish ones, may become scared and overwhelmed when the newest member of the family shows up.

It will be helpful to slowly introduce kitty to what she can expect after the baby comes home.

Did you know there’s a CD of baby sounds, designed especially to prepare pets for what’s to come? Start playing the sounds softly and then gradually increase the volume over a few weeks, until it reaches a realistic level.

Unwrap baby’s toys and supplies and let your cat get used to their presence in the house.

While the baby is still at the hospital, have a family member bring home an item of clothing or a blanket that carries her scent.

Allow kitty to smell and even mark the items so baby will seem less foreign when she’s finally home.

Let kitty investigate baby’s room

Allow your cat to explore the nursery so she becomes familiar with the baby’s “stuff.” You may even want to place a cat tree or cat bed in the baby’s room so she can feel at home in the area.

Help kitty get high

Your cat may feel the need to escape from the baby-related activity and later from grabby little hands. Cat trees and perches help kitty climb away from the chaos, yet still be in the same space as his humans. These trees and perches need not be expensive.

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How do you plan to prepare your cat for when your baby arrives?


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