New Pets: Choosing The Right Cat For Your Family

Choosing The Right Cat For Your Family

Looking to bring a cat into your family but not sure how to choose the best one? Here are a few important personality traits to look for, as well as some of the best breeds for families.

Kid-Friendly Personality Types

When assessing the best type of cat for your children, you’ll want to select a cat which exhibits the following attributes:

  • Tolerance for loud noises and sudden movements
  • Not territorial
  • Enjoys being handled and pet
  • Not prone to nipping or clawing when handled
  • Sociable
  • Easy-going
  • Adaptable

Beyond that, take into consideration your children’s personalities when selecting a cat.

If your kids tend to be loud and your house chaotic, you may want to steer clear of breeds like the Persian, who prefer quiet environments.

Top Cat Breeds For Families

Most of these breeds are noted for their calm, affectionate, tolerant and playful temperaments.

They are less likely to be possessive of or bonded to individual family members, which means they are less likely to see a new baby as an interloper and a threat.

These are all social, people-oriented breeds.

Abyssinian: The Aby is an extremely friendly and sociable breed that loves to play.

American Shorthair: These happy, social, energetic cats also get along well with dogs.

Birman: Easygoing and adaptable, the Birman is noted as a go-with-the-flow cat.

Burmese: Friendly and people-oriented, Burmese are very gentle with kids.

Maine Coon: These big mellow cats are naturally sociable and a great cat with kids, but they do need to be brushed daily.

Manx: This tailless breed loves attention, and is also a social, friendly cat.

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Choosing the right cat for the right child at the right time

How do you know when the right time is to add a cat to your family? Here are a few important things to consider when choosing the right cat for your children at the right time.

Bringing a cat into a home with children requires some very serious thought on the part of the parent.

Responsible parenting and responsible pet ownership are very similar in that they require 100% commitment from the parent and pet owner.

A new kitten is going to initially require time every day for grooming, play, socialization, and training.

Children will probably provide plenty of play and socialization but the grooming, litter box cleaning, and training are going to be the responsibility of the parent.

Make sure that the entire family is committed to bringing a new pet in the home, otherwise it is not fair to the animal or the family.

When I think of the perfect family cat a large, neutered, male, orange, domestic shortair comes to mind.

I have often visited a farm and found a similar cat lying contentedly purring in a doll carriage dressed in doll clothes while a smiling five-year-old girl pushes him around the barnyard.

Cats love gentle attention and respond to affection. Small children and as in my case, little boys, are often more interested in chasing the cat than petting him, so if you have active or aggressive children a cat may be too much of a temptation to them and is not going to be a good choice for a pet.

Deciding to bring a cat into a family with children is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly.

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How did you choose which cat to bring into your family? How do your cats and your children get along?

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