Make Your Kitty a DIY Cat Bed!


Got a kitty who loves to find new spots to cuddle up for a cat nap? One of the best gifts you can give your cat is a brand new bed! As cute as the beds are at the pet store, a DIY bed can be cuter, cheaper, and more personal. Check out these fun, cozy beds you can make for your cat with very little to no expense!


What cat doesn’t enjoy a cozy new pet bed? I know mine certainly do. Whether I purchase a pet bed, bring home a cardboard box or create a DIY pet bed…they love anything new they can curl up in and call their own. If your cats are like mine, they love finding new places to hide, sleep and relax. Over the past several years I’ve made many different DIY pet beds for foster cats and my own pets.

Materials needed: T-shirt, 2 wire coat hangers, wire cutters, an empty box.


Use wire cutters to cut your coat hangers. Make a cut with your wire cutters right near the top of the hanger, where the top two sides of the triangle meet. Then repeat this cut on the other side of the hanger to completely remove the bent part of the hanger that hangs over the closet bar. Then straighten out the remaining part of the coat hanger (you can use a pair of pliers here to make it easier). Once your coat hanger wire is straightened out, tuck both ends into two opposite corners of your empty box.

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DIY Cat Tree House

Making your own cat furniture can be a fun way to personalize your space and provide tons of entertainment and comfort for your furry friend. Who says you need to order the pre-made furniture when there are so many fun ways to DIY it for a custom look!


Over the years, “cat furniture” has become pretty popular among pet owners everywhere. The blanket term may refer to any number of items, including cat beds, cat trees, kitty gyms, catwalk shelving, cat houses, hidden litter boxes, and more.

It makes sense that cat furniture is so popular.  In most cases, these pieces are fun for your cat, and it gives her something that’s all her own.  Unfortunately, cat furniture can often come with a pretty hefty price tag, and although it may seem like there are countless options available on the market today, it can be challenging to find something that is the perfect fit for your home.

DIY Cat Tree House

This great plan from hits all the high notes:  it offers perching opportunities for your furry friend, a place to hide, and plenty of surface area for scratching.  We also totally love that the majority of this project consists of recycled materials, which means that this cat tree is equal parts budget-friendly and eco-friendly.

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Have you got a DIY cat bed in your home now? Are you considering making any new furniture for your kitty?

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