How You Can Have A Better Relationship With Your Cat

Making Your Cat Happier By Feeding Her Well!

How can you make your cat happier? Much like for people, one way to your cat’s heart is through her stomach! Here are a few tips to help you make your cat happier by feeding her well.

Feed your cat well.

The right diet is extremely important for the wellbeing of your cat. Obesity is a common source of problems among domesticated animals.

  • Look for quality cat food in your favourite pet shop and make sure to buy something adapted to its age.
  • For quantities, follow the instructions on the food package. However these are just guidelines, Many times the manufacturer overestimate the quantities, so this should always be interpreted in light of whether the cat is losing or gaining weight when fed that amount.
  • If you don’t know which brand to choose, talk to your veterinarian. He or she will be happy to help.
  • Be careful with treats. Cats are always on the look-out for good food and will beg for their favourite piece of fish. Only give a treat once in a while to avoid obesity.
  • Don’t let meat and fish outside without supervision. Remember that cats can jump high and don’t particularly follow rules. If you aren’t in a room, those delicious sausages on the table might finish their lives in your cat’s belly

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How To Have A Better Relationship With Your Cat

Want to build a better relationship with your cat? Spending quality time with your cat, learning how to play well with her and how to make yourself approachable are key to getting started. Here are a two ways to do just that.

1. Make yourself approachable.

Many of us are preoccupied with life a lot, and that may even be why you chose a cat as a companion‒we all know they’re relatively independent animals.

Even so, a hectic lifestyle and a general unwelcoming attitude or atmosphere doesn’t give a cat a feeling of comfort.

This will often lead to them not only acting up, but avoiding you.

The best way to change this is to make yourself approachable. Maybe your cat has an affinity for a particular blanket or pillow, so put it in your lap and help them associate you with their comfortable spot.

Always be calm and aim to reduce jerky movements or excited reactions while spending one-on-one bonding time with your companion.

2. Play, play, play.

Remember that cats are predators and there’s nothing they like to do more than hone their predatory skills through simulated predator/prey situations.

While we refer to it as “play,” and they may very well enjoy it, it’s them acting out their basic instincts, and they’re sure to appreciate your help.

Believe it or not, they’re usually well aware of the fact that it’s you holding the string going across the floor, and they know it’s you controlling the laser.

They associate this activity with you, and they grow to both appreciate the attention and crave more of it.

Most cats have a favorite toy, so anytime you pick it up and take it for a spin, they’re likely to take notice and want to join in.

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How is your relationship with your cat? Do you play with her and spend quality time with her on a regular basis?

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