How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Naturally

Wondering how you can keep your dog’s teeth clean without brushing? Here are some great cleaning and care tips to keep your dog’s teeth healthy…without a toothbrush!

One Way to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Without Brushing

Note: Brushing your dog’s teeth is the best way to keep them healthy and clean. I am not saying you should do this instead. However, if you do not brush your dog’s teeth, this is one way you an start doing something to keep them healthy. If you do already brush your dog’s teeth, this might be a nice addition.

I am not a Veterinarian. I don’t even play one on TV. What I am is a Dog Mom who cares about her dog’s health…but I don’t have to time to brush their teeth daily.

I mean, I care about preventing gum disease but as I declared earlier, I don’t have time to  brush their teeth daily.

Since I don’t want to be totally irresponsible, I have been exploring alternatives. Earlier this year we tried anesthesia-free teeth cleaning. Chester and Gretel’s teeth weren’t terrible in the first place but I was happy with the results.

Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is good for knocking the tartar down and, although it won’t detect gum disease like a deep cleaning and X-rays can, the veterinarian can alert you if they see any warning signs. I am still in search of something I can do on a daily basis to help clean their teeth without brushing. After some research I developed a method that I are trying and it seems to help.

The first step in the routine is to sprinkle Plaque Off on their food daily. This softens the plaque on their teeth so that it scrapes off easier when they chew on things. I am not sure how it does it because the label says it’s just kelp flakes but they work. It gets the plaque soft enough that sometimes I can scrape a bit off with my fingernail when we are snuggling on the couch.

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One Way to Clean Your Dogs Teeth Without Brushing

Looking for a natural way to clean your dog’s teeth? Here are several different options to choose from, there’s sure to be something for you!

We Use Natural Dog Treats to Clean Our Dog’s Teeth

One area of raw feeding I continue to struggle with is feeding raw bones to our dogs.

There are a few raw bones that I feel comfortable feeding, but I can only feed these during the spring and summer when the dogs can eat them outside while under supervision.

For some reason, J isn’t a fan of the dogs eating their raw bones on the furniture; which is where each of them runs to immediately.

Go figure.

  • Duck necks
  • Turkey necks
  • Lamb necks
  • Beef knee caps
  • Beef knuckle bones

During the rest of the year, we give our dogs treats that they can eat indoors that serve to satisfy their chew drive while keeping their teeth clean.

I like Redbarn, because 80% of their products are sourced and made in the US.  US based bully sticks are difficult to come by at an affordable price so Redbarn sources their bully sticks from free range, grass-fed cows in Paraguay that grow up on a farm with very strict standards.

When Redbarn offered us a selection of dog treats in exchange for this review, I jumped at the opportunity.  Having 4 dogs who are allergic to chicken and one who has trouble with beef – I’m always looking for brands that offer alternative proteins.

Below is a combination of my thoughts on chews we’ve fed to our dogs in the past and treats we received for this review.

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We Use Natural Dog Treats to Clean Our Dogs Teeth | Keep the Tail Wagging

If you’re worried about taking your dog to the vet to have their teeth cleaned, you might consider trying to brush them at home. Learn how to clean your dog’s teeth at home below!

How to Clean Your Dogs Teeth

Luke asked:
How can I clean my dog’s teeth at home? It costs $150 to have my dog’s teeth cleaned at the vet office. I would appreciate a viable “at-home” alternative showing me how to pull this off at home. I realize they put the dog to sleep at the vet office, but maybe there is a way to achieve the same results at home? It seems important to brush their teeth regularly and it’s just not cost effective to do this professionally each time.


Dog’s teeth can develop tartar build-up, plaque and cavities the same way that human teeth do. When you take your dog to the vet, they are able to scrape away any tartar and check for any problems.

For dogs that have not had these cleanings done before, they can get very nervous and must be put to sleep for the procedure.

As you brush your dog’s teeth at home, they will become more comfortable with having someone working on their teeth and will become more tolerant. As this continues, the office cleanings may be able to be completed while your dog is still awake, saving you lots of time and money.

Brushing your dog’s teeth should become part of your routine. It is recommended that you clean your dog’s teeth at home at least twice a week. Here’s what to do to keep their teeth strong and healthy.

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How to Clean Your Dogs Teeth | Cleaning Guides

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