How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Keeping your dogs ears clean and healthy is an important part of taking care of your pet. The information below will help you do just that!

How to Clean Your Dogs Ears

It’s important to keep your pooch’s ears clean. It helps to prevent infection, skin irritation and keeps your dog happy and healthy.

Recognizing Healthy Ears

If your dog’s ears are healthy, meaning there is no infection, they will appear to be the same pale color as the rest of your dog’s skin. Infected ears will appear red and they may be filled with discharge.

They also may have a foul odor that you will definitely notice. Plus, your dog’s infected ears will be sensitive to touch and could cause the dog considerable pain. He will probably react to any contact by whining or cringing.

Another affliction your dog may have is ear mites. Ear mites themselves are difficult to see with the naked eye, but this may be the case if your pet is frequently scratching at his ears or shaking his head. If the mites have been there for a while, you may also notice dried blood inside his ears.

A veterinarian will need to diagnose this condition and can provide you with special ear drops that contain insecticide.

If you think your dog may have an ear infection or mites, do not attempt to clean his ears yourself. See a veterinarian as soon as possible for medication and a treatment plan.

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How to Clean Your Dogs Ears | Dogs

Wondering if you can clean your dogs ears at home? Below you’ll find great advice to help you with routine ear cleaning for your dog.

Can I Clean My Dogs Ears?

Awhile back we covered whether you could give your dog ear drops. Today we’ll expand on that with some sound advice (no pun intended).

Routine ear cleaning is a good habit to get into if you do it right. That said, your dog’s ears are usually self sufficient.

But ear trouble does occur in dogs, especially certain breeds. Some canines are prone to infections because their ears tend to be large or they spend a lot of time getting down and dirty compared to us humans.

If you know that your dog has an ear infection, consider visiting the vet for treatment. But if you want to do some preventative care or just learn more on this topic then keep reading!

It can be routinely done with the right products. Keep reading!

Some people are obsessive about having clean ears. Know that a brownish waxy secretion inside the ear canals is totally normal for a dog. You don’t need to remove that. The inside of your dog’s ear flaps are what you should be focused on to avoid vet visits. The best thing to do is use specially designed ear cleansing pads.

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Can I Clean My Dogs Ears?

Cleaning your dogs ears at home doesn’t have to be challenging. Below you’ll find three different ways to keep your dogs ears clean and healthy.

Paws up Dawg!: How to Clean Your Dog’s Ear

Most of us are having a hard time doing this because we knew that a dog’s ear is one of the most sensitive body part of our beloved pup.

Dogs have no interest in having their ears cleaned Cleaning their ears sometimes freaks our them out and makes it more harder for us to do this task.

Occasionally, it’s a good idea to clean your dog’s ears.

But be careful – you don’t want to overdo it and set him up for future ear infections.

So basically, this post would give you some instructions and tips in cleaning your lovely dog’s ear at home.

If your dog is susceptible to ear infections and gets them often, leave the cleaning to the professionals

If not, and you just want to remove some of the gunk, here are some simple ideas to get the job done.

3 ways of cleaning your Dog’s Ear:

  1. Using Baby wipes
  2. Using Vinegar and Alcohol
  3. Using commercial ear wash solution

Cleaning Techniques:

1.Get your Materials ready

You’ll want to have all your supplies handy so you can devote your full attention to the dog and not get distracted looking for the wayward cotton balls.

More ways to clean your dogs ears here:

Paws up Dawg!: How to Clean Your Dog’s Ear

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