Get Grooming! The Health Benefits of Keeping Your Pet Pretty

Depositphotos_19744519_mRaise your hand if you think your pet is adorable!

Shorthaired or long-locked, fuzzy or smooth, lean or stubby – each pet owner definitely thinks that their furry feline or pooch pal is one of a kind. Our loveable pet companions light up our lives, and from the way that they follow us, invade our laps, and ask for our constant attention, it certainly looks as though they love us, too. Caring for our furry best friends often means that we’re constantly searching for ways to keep them healthy, but some people might not realize that one of the best ways of keeping their pets in top shape is to keep them well-groomed and looking great!

Ok, you might ask what good a doggie haircut does for your pup’s health, or how brushing your cat’s teeth might extend their lifespan. Well, caring regularly for your pet’s ears, nails, coat and teeth not only keeps them feeling fantastic, but helps you to notice subtle changes in your pet that could point to potential medical issues.

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First, brushing your pet’s coat not only removes dirt and painful tangles, but acts as a gentle massage that soothes sore muscles and stimulates blood flow; it’s also the perfect way for you to regularly check your pet’s skin for parasites, problematic lumps or painful areas.


Dog groomingProper nail care plays another important part in your pet’s well-being. Overly long nails are uncomfortable to walk on, and negatively impact your pet’s posture in the long term, potentially causing arthritic change. (Regular ‘paw’dicures increase your furniture lifespan, too!)


Finally, let’s not forget that ear and mouth care is essential, too. Accustoming your furry friend to regular tooth brushing helps to prevent disease causing dental tartar, and though ear cleaning may not be necessary for all pets, frequent ear checks are the perfect prevention for aural issues.australian shepherd and toothbrush


Grooming sessions for your four-legged family member can be a wonderful bonding experience, in addition being vital to a long and healthy life for your pet. With practice and patience, it can be enjoyable for everyone!

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