Get Dog Odor Out of Your House

Get Rid of Dog Smell at the Source

We all love spending time with our fur babies, but I have yet to meet a person who loves the stink that sometimes accompanies our furry companions. Don’t suffer in silence! You can tackle dog odor at the source, and anywhere else it lingers, with these expert tips. dogsmell-1.jpg

Wash your dog properly.

Too many people do not wash their dogs properly. This can actually make things worse. First, check the dog over thoroughly for any obvious stink sources such as something they rolled in or poop stuck in the fur. Check the feet, too, and make sure there’s nothing stuck between the toes or pads. Next, stick some cotton in Doggy’s ear and wet the entire animal thoroughly. Once wet, using a gentle dog shampoo, lather the dog up good and proper. Finally, rinse, rinse, rinse. It’s very important to get all of the soap out or it will dry, itch, and cause the dog to produce excess skin oil.

Dry the dog thoroughly.

It’s not just oils and the things the dog rolled in that create dog odor. It’s also bacteria and bacteria waste. These bacteria love wet animal fur and are able to live and reproduce quite happily in it. For this reason, it’s very important that you get your dog as dry as possible. Start by gathering every towel you can find and going to town. Rub back and forth, up and down, and all around. As an extra measure, especially for dogs with thick coats, hit them with a blow dryer. Just make sure you set it on the coolest setting possible.

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Banish The Pet Smell From Your Home

A sweet-smelling home can be yours even if Fido lives indoors. It’s all about clever planning and execution of your odor-eliminating strategies. Consider this top advice for taking those odors out for good!weycpzssypmim5bph32c

Lavender oil

Most perfumes and dyes aren’t safe for your dog’s coat, but thankfully lavender oil is. Rub into his skin after a warm day, mist onto his bedding or around the house. Not only will it keep Fido smelling sweet, it will also help keep fleas and ticks at bay.

Oral hygiene

Just like humans, dogs require regular oral hygiene to keep their chompers tip top and their overall well being in order. As most, if not all dogs have bad breath, thanks to licking anything and everything and the not-so pleasant smell of kibble, poor oral hygiene can create other health problems that add to your dog’s stink. Avoid such problems by providing your dog with a healthy meat-based diet, rubber or nylon chew toys and rawhides as well as daily brushing. You can find a dog dental kit at your local pet store or PetSmart.

The dog bed

A great way to keep your dog’s odor down is to start with his bed. Purchase a bed with a removable cover to wash once a week with a static cling treatment, and vacuum his area daily to every other day. If you don’t have a pet vacuum attachment, a lint roller will help catch anything that the vacuum may have missed. Don’t forget to vacuum other areas that your dog regularly frequents to keep the odor down.

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Does your puppy sometimes bring his friend Stinky along for the ride? How do you get rid of “big dog” smell in your home and car?

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