Dog Grooming This Summer

If you’re a dog lover you probably already know that properly grooming your pet is important, but do you know how to do that when the weather starts heating up? Here are some tips for grooming your dog this summer

Dog Grooming Tips for Summer

Ah, summer—a season for rambles, picnics and water fun. Longer days and warm weather inspire us to get ourselves and our dogs outside to soak up some sun (judiciously) and get some exercise.

Maintaining our dogs’ grooming routines is also important. It’s not all about looking good, though that’s certainly one motivator; it’s also about keeping a close eye on the condition of our dogs’ skin, ears and nails, solving small problems before they become big ones.

While some breeds require the services of a professional groomer, all dogs benefit from a good brushing, and you don’t have to be a pro to do that.

A dog’s best friend is a tool appropriate for his coat type, one that strips out loose hair so air can circulate against his skin. Regular and thorough brushing also prevents mats, which are not only painful but also trap heat and moisture and can result in skin infections.

However, experts tell us to resist the urge to shave down our dogs, particularly those with double coats, who can be quite comfortable as long as those coats are well cared for. Whatever its length and composition, a dog’s coat provides built-in climate control as well as a first line of defense against sunburn, twigs and stickers, among other things.

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Wondering about the important things you should know when it comes to grooming your dog this summer? Below are some helpful do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking care of your pet in the summer season.

Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Dog Grooming means dirt, grass, and swimming – the perfect recipe for a dirty dogs! Instead of getting frustrated (and having a perpetually stinky house), follow these do’s and don’ts for summer dog grooming to keep your dog looking and feeling its best.

Do bathe your dog. Everyone likes a clean dog! In the summer all those outdoor adventures  can make your pet stink.

If you’re like me, your dogs nap on your couch and sleep in the bed with you, and if they stink it’s no fun. My motto is clean dog, clean house, clean life. If you don’t want to deal with hair all over your bathroom, take them to a pet store with DIY dog washing facilities. It’ll cost you between $7 and $15 depending where you live – a small price to pay for a clean house!

Don’t over bathe your dog. I give my two short haired dogs baths about twice a month. Be extra cautious with dogs prone to dry skin. Bathing them too much will make dry skin worse because washing strips off the healthy natural oils on their skin.

Don’t bathe your dog within 48 hours of applying any kind of topical flea and tick preventative. These types of products work by soaking into the skin, and you can hinder the products effectiveness by bathing them too soon after applying these products.

A great alternative is to wipe your dog down with a warm wet rag to remove dirt and spritzing them with some pet cologne or pet safe leave in conditioner to leave them looking and smelling great. These little freshen ups, are a lot easier and faster than a full bath.

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There are many things to watch out for this summer, when it comes to your dog. Below you’ll find five great tips to keep your dog safe and well cared for this summer

5 Tips To Get Your Pet Ready For Summer

Summer is a time best spent outdoors, and chances are, our pets would agree. Get your animal companions ready for the summer and warmer weather with these five tips.


Your pets may start shedding their winter coats on their own, but lend them a helping hand by taking them to the pet spa. There they can get washed and their hair trimmed; not only will this help them stay cool, but with a shorter coat, they’ll be less likely to pick up dirt and burrs — something you’ll be thankful for later. At the same time, don’t get all their hair trimmed off; read on for why that’s a bad idea.

Visit the Vet

Your next stop should be a visit to the vet. For starters, you’ll want to make sure your pets are up to date on their vaccinations, including the canine flu vaccination—especially with the recent flu outbreak—since chances are your pets will encounter other animals in this weather. Use this vet visit to talk to your vet about any concerns or questions you have in regards to having your pet out in hotter weather. Also talk to your vet about any allergies your pet may have, and if any medications need to be refilled.

Invest in Pet Sunscreen

Even if your pet is naturally furry, their skin can still be affected by UV rays. To help prevent him from sunburning, grab some pet sunscreen, of which there are a few on the market. Alternatively, baby sunscreen can also be used. Just make sure the sunscreen doesn’t include zinc oxide, which can be toxic to dogs.

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5 Tips To Get Your Pet Ready For Summer

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