A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

dog ear cleaningDog Ear Cleaning

No matter what their shape, our dog’s ears are sensitive body parts that need the same regular attention as the rest of their bodies. One of the best ways to help prevent ear problems is a weekly ear check, which is a far easier process than many owners realize! There are many pooches that also need ear cleaning to remove waxy buildup from inside the ear, too. Here’s a quick and easy guide to keeping your pup’s ears in great shape!

Plan and Preparecleaning your dogs ears

You’ll need cotton balls, tissues or clean gauze, a helper to hold your pup still, and a good quality liquid ear cleaner. (NEVER use human products, water or oil-based substances) Getting your veterinarian’s recommendation for an ear cleaner is always a good idea, as some over-the-counter ones can contain ingredients that could irritate your pet’s ears.


Take a peek

 pet suppliesGently lift your dog’s ear flap and look inside. A stinky smell, pain, redness, or discharge should be indications for you to stop immediately and make a vet appointment for your pet, as your pooch may have an ear infection. The inside of a healthy ear should look pale or light pink and be free of odor (though may have some dark brown wax buildup).

Wash time!

First, make sure your dog is in a comfortable position. Then, Put a small amount of ear cleaner on a gauze or cotton ball and gently wipe out the areas of the ear flap that you can see. Be careful not to stick your finger (or any other object) into the actual ear canal. (this means Q-tips, too!) deshedding tool
Next, squirt the ear cleaner directly into the actual ear canal and massage the base of your pet’s ear gently. You should hear a nice wet squishing sound as you do this! Doing this helps to break up the wax at the bottom part of the ear canal. Next, use a dry cotton ball or a piece of gauze. Lift up you dogs ear flap again, and wipe out the excess fluid and gunk that you see.

Keeping your pup’s ears squeaky clean is that easy, and it’s an effective way to prevent further health issues, too. Dogs that have floppy ears, chronic ear or skin problems, and avid swimmers may need more regular checking  and their ears cleaned more frequently.

Make sure to finish off your cleaning routine with lots of praise and yummy treats as a reward!grooming tools for dogs




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